Experience new cultures, environments and make lifelong friends, while helping transform lives by serving our partners in practical ways.

As a volunteer, you will spend around two weeks in-country with a team, assisting in things such as running conferences/workshops, training, building and maintenance, health training, health checks and more.

We would love to invite you to prayerfully consider joining one of Hope Global’s Volunteer Trips in 2020! We will be hosting four (4) trips – one to each of the following countries – RWANDA, SRI LANKA, CAMBODIA and INDIA!

At Hope Global we see Education as a primary vehicle to move out of poverty and to bring hope and change to individuals, families, communities, and ultimately, countries.

Are you a Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary teacher? Are you passionate about Childrens Ministry? Are you passionate about education and equipping the generations?

Not a teacher? YOU are welcome too! We need community workers such as speech therapists, nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, to assist with community based raining in local communities.

Sewing your hobby? We need YOU too to help train one of our community outreach programs where we train women to make school uniforms and Days for Girls kits.

Music your passion? We would love for YOU to come to train and equip current and future musicians to impact and build the Kingdom.

To make all this happen we also need administrators, IT specialists, videographers, photographers and any servant heard people who just want to do whatever is required.

It is always an amazing time with our friends and partners in country so be prepared to be changed and challenged by the love, joy and enthusiasm of the beautiful people in Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and India … and an opportunity to bring HOPE to those who need it most.

These trips are truly life changing and life giving. For more information, please visit our FAQ or, feel free to email Vanessa at vanessa@hopeglobal.org.

Hope Global are now accepting APPLICATIONS for the following trips.

*Note: All ‘Education Trips’ are held during Australian school holidays. Dates are subject to change slightly.

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