Fruits of Hope (J798)

The Fruits of Hope project will empower locals to be a resource to their local community in the areas of education, training and counselling. Education support will include teacher training, provision of buildings, furniture and student sponsorship. By student sponsorship we mean financial assistance to enable identified children in the community to enrol in school who would otherwise not be educated.

Counselling support will train identified leaders within the community in the areas of depression, trauma, sexual abuse and grief and loss.

Training support will include the managerial training for the in country project administrator and financial assistance to implement and monitor the success of the project. School administration and leadership training will be delivered to school principals and head teachers to ensure efficient school management. Training will also cover hygiene, first aid and nutrition education with identified community members to assist with the delivery of nutritious meals to students, which will also involve financial support.

This project believes that by providing education, training and resource poverty will be greatly reduced within the district.

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