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Fruits of Hope (J798)

The Fruits of Hope project empowers locals to be a resource to their local community in the areas of quality education and training.

Education forms a major part of the ministry. This includes teacher training, provision and maintenance of buildings, furniture and facilities needed for the school.

For over 10 years, Hope Global have sent teacher training teams to provide Professional Development and Training support to the teachers and staff at Fruits of Hope. This training has included managerial training for the in country project administration and support staff;
financial assistance to implement and monitor the success of the project and school functions;
school administration and leadership training delivered to school principals and head teachers to ensure efficient school management;
Rwandan curriculum training and development, lesson planning and implementation in the classroom.

Training has also covered hygiene, first aid and nutrition education with identified community members to assist with the delivery of nutritious meals to students.

This project believes that by providing education, training and resource will greatly reduce the poverty within the district and transform lives and the community.

Fruits of Hope Rwanda
When Christ-centered educators partner with parents and the Church, the result is Godly people willing to serve God where ever He leads them.
Fruits of Hope Academy was founded in 2007 to provide students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing Christian environment with close student-teacher relationships. Fruits of Hope Academy prepares students for success both personally and academically.
Fred Buyinza, Principal

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