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“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

India is home to 1.2 billion people – they all need Jesus. Our Bible College system is designed to train students to spread God’s kingdom. We craft tomorrow’s leaders to impact the world today and into the future.

The vision of Bethel Bible College is to thoroughly train students and send them to the unreached regions of India and neighboring countries. We have a richly diverse student body who have a great burden to share their faith and serve their communities. Our students represent different cultures, languages and denominations from all across India and neighboring countries like Myanmar.

In Acts 17 when Paul reasons with the people of Athens, he communicates that God has designed every person to seek Him at a specific time and place. Bible Bethel College has created a curriculum specifically designed to build pastors, church leaders and lay leaders so they can place themselves in their communities, office spaces and the church that they would be His witnesses – ready to meet the need for anyone at their specific time and place.

Our colleges are fully accredited and offer a wide range of degrees from a two-year Diploma in Christian Studies to a five-year Bachelor of Divinity Degree. Bethel Bible College is unique in the sense that the primary purpose is to prepare people to go to the mission field. An integral part of the curriculum is hands on including evangelism, humanitarian outreach and development work in local villages in cooperation with the local church.

Most of our students come from poor communities and cannot afford the costs of college. In order to ensure everyone who has a calling has the opportunity no matter their socio-economic background, the college funds half of the tuition for each student who has the need. The average cost for one year is $1500 per student. This includes tuition, lodging, food and supplies.

Bible Bethel College seeks partnership in the ministry. Those who support our mission are equally as important as the one who goes to the mission field.

  • We have big dreams.
  • We want to add to our current library and create the largest theological library in India.
  • We need additional housing for both students and faculty so we can grow.
  • We want to offer a Master’s degree in theology – we would be the first in India.
  • We are creating a Distance Education department providing a digital portal for learning.

Paul said in Romans 10:15, “How can they preach unless they are sent?” For such a time as this, that call has never been as important. Partner with Bethel Bible College today and bring the life-saving word of God – one person at a time – to the world.

Drawing of new library and housing for Bethel Bible College in Guntur.
Drawing of new library and housing for Bethel Bible College in Guntur.

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