3 billion people live in a community without a church. Some may have heard the Gospel and given their lives to Christ, but they have no place to worship and no way to understand the Word of God. Without tools to grow their faith, new Christians become discouraged and fall away – never reaching their communities for Christ.

Our mission is to solve this problem by raising up and equipping pastors around the world to establish churches.

Why The Church

A healthy church transforms communities and entire nations.

Churches Love Others

They know the language, culture and needs of their community. They use the gifts and tools God has given them to minister to the people around them. This love draws people toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Churches Speak Truth

Through local churches, people learn the truth of God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives. The church testifies to God’s presence and provision in the community. New Christians are molded into strong disciples of the faith, who then demonstrate their zeal through church planting.

Churches Build Faith

The Church is Christ’s body, through which He speaks and acts  – Ephesians. 1:23. Thus, faith lives and thrives best in community with other Christians. As new believers grow strong in community and in their knowledge of Jesus, they engage in church planting — spreading their faith to other villages.

Churches change communities through expressions of love / service bible studies, food distribution, medical clinics education, vocational training, trafficking rescue.

What We Do

We plant churches and disciple people. We connect you to local churches around the world that are passionate for Jesus and equipped to plant churches. You provide the church building resources that these congregations  need, to grow their faith, serve their communities and plant churches in new areas. In turn, entire nations are blanketed with the Gospel.


Local congregations give land and labour to construct a church building. You give funds for solid building materials and discipleship tools in their language. Hope Global raises up pastors for ministry through Bible Schools, Seminaries and Bible Training Schools.


The congregation is trained with practical discipleship tools designed for oral learners. For the first time, they have a safe place to meet and Bible study materials in their own language. Once local pastors are equipped and trained with the right tools, they will reach out to their entire community through a healthy local church.


There’s nothing like the local church when the local church is working right. When the Holy Spirit is in charge, and when God’s anointing power is on a church, lost people are getting found, and found people are growing up, and lonely people are finding friends, and bored people are finding a purpose, and the poor are being cared for.

Our strategy is to reach the world for Christ effectively through planting a local church. Equipping local churches with the tools they need to grow allows entire nations to be blanketed with healthy churches. Also, when local churches invest their own effort and resources into each project, the result is a sense of ownership, long-term sustainability, and a greater impact.

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