Adding it all up

Every $1 invested in improved water access and sanitation yields an average of $12 in economic returns. Access to safe, clean water contributes to poverty alleviation. Girls stay in school, mothers can start businesses, grow food and improve sanitation in their village. A clean water supply enhances the resilience of poor communities to disease, climate shocks and environmental degradation.

The Well of Life program in partnership with our church planting efforts, creates the opportunity for communities of faith to thrive, open their doors to their neighbors and create a space where everyone is welcome.

Sanitation alone can reduce water related deaths by 37.5%.

Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. That is one in eight of us. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters across India walk miles each day to fetch a pail of water. India is a water stressed nation. Sometimes, after hours of walking, they discover the reservoir is dry. Home to more than 1.2 billion people, nearly 70% of India’s population lives in villages and lack access to potable water. Girls are forced to quit school as the daily journey for water takes more and more time each day because they have to travel farther to find it.

Clean water alone can reduce water-related deaths by 21%

The accepted metric for a small village of 60 homes is one well. The reality across India is one well for 2000 homes. Unsafe water and sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, killing more people than war. Each year, 3.5 million people die from a water-related disease – 84% of these deaths are children from 1-14 years of age.

The village of Muthyalapalli has two wells serving more than 1500 people. All too often these wells dry up in the summer and force girls to travel for hours each day to find potable water for their families. The Hope Global Well of Life project was formed for just such a place. Through the incredible support of our friends and partners we dig wells and build churches – meeting the physical and spiritual needs of villages throughout India. Muthyalapalli now has a new well and a place to gather, worship and build community.

Hand washing alone can reduce water-related deaths by 45%

Our Mission is a simple one – we want to express the love of God through supplying one of the most vital physical needs – fresh water. These wells bring thousands who have never heard the Gospel into the adjacent church, creating a wide-open door allowing us to engage with the community and build relationship.

Hundreds of communities and hundreds of thousands of lives have been completely transformed through this amazing outreach. We believe this is just the beginning. Hope Global is on a mission to save lives and spread the Gospel – one church and one well at a time.

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