Hope Global Leadership Centre ( J873 )

After MUCH prayer and the continued support from our faithful supporters, we were able to purchase land in Rwanda in 2020.

Since the land purchase, a working group was established to start the process and development of initial concept drawings and plans. In 2023 we finalised the drafts and we are now moving into a season of fundraising and preparation for having construction commence third quarter of 2025.

We believe in empowering and transforming the local community and, as the project progresses and building commences, we will be working alongside and providing employment opportunities for Rwandan locals.

The Hope Global Leadership Centre will be a hub for meeting the practical, spiritual and educational needs of individuals, communities and organisations. We belive it will be a place where every person is empowered and equipped with confident hope.

We are confident that education, mentoring and discipleship based on Kingdom principles will bring HOPE and transformation to the nation of Rwanda.

Through the Leadership Centre, Hope Global will provide accredited training, professional development and capacity building. This will also include virtual classrooms, allowing trainers, teachers and facilitators access from around the world.

The Leadership Centre will be accessible not only to Rwandans, but those in neighbouring African Countries and will focus on a train the trainer model, allowing for local professionals to then carry on the training and work in their local communities throughout the year.

We would love for you to join us as we continue on the journey to make Hope Global Leadership Centre- Rwanda a reality!

Teacher Training Center Map
Teacher Training Center Map
Teacher Training Center Map
Teacher Training Center Map
Teacher Training Center Stage One
Teacher Training Center Stage Two

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