Village of Hope

Village of Hope ( J294 )

The Village of Hope (VOH) was born out of consultation between Link Ministries and Hope Rwanda to address community need. The project is approved by local government. The VOH project will aim at providing much needed housing, healthcare, education and community for widows and orphans and supporting head of household to take responsibility for themselves and their village. It is addressing this crisis and is focusing on the essential needs of parentless children – specifically the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

Hope Rwanda is assisting and training Rwandans to build sustainable homes that will last the test of time. Under the guidance and mentoring of expert international tradesmen, Rwandans working on the VOH are developing their skills in the building trade. By employing locals from the Gasabo community, the VOH is helping to provide much needed employment opportunities and at the same time provide hope for the widows and orphans that occupy the completed homes.

The Village of Hope is a self-sustaining, holistic model providing for the complete needs of the child, widow and community. In addition to homes, the village is constructing a community centre, which includes facilities for counselling, skills training, as well as work opportunities, a clean water source and electrical power.