Education Training

Education, more than any other factor has a powerful impact in helping a nation climb out of poverty. The Hope Global Education program comes alongside existing schools and education delivery organisations in developing countries to equip and empower teachers, nurses and other staff and professionals. By training the teachers, Hope Global impacts thousands of children, giving them a better future. A sufficiently trained teacher will impact the quality of education for around 60 -70 students per year. Over 5 years, that one teacher will teach up to 350 students. If 150 teachers are trained and their skills improved, the quality of education for 52,500 students is improved over 5 years. This is an investment in the future generations of a nation. Education has the power to change a nation.

In the past few years the response has been a request to partner in teacher development that would build community, strength and unity amongst Christian Schools in the region as well as equip and resource teachers with new knowledge and skills to extend their teaching practices.