Hope Global Training Centre

Hope Global Training Centre ( J873 )

Hope Global is committed to strategic and transformative development work and as such, is launching the Hope Global Training Centre in Rwanda.

The Hope Global Training Centre will be a hub for meeting the practical, spiritual and education needs of individuals, communities and organisations.

Through the Training Centre, Hope Global will provide accredited training, professional development and capacity building for teachers, NGO staff and medical professionals and provide a place for vocational skills training.

The Centre will be accessible to not only Rwandans, but those in neighbouring African Countries and will focus on a train the trainer model, allowing for local professionals to then carry on the training and work in their local communities throughout the year.

The Hope Global Training Centre will be a hub for our volunteer teams, and will also provide the opportunity for training to take place using technology, so that people from other countries can be part of this project.

The first phase of the Hope Global Training Centre will be to secure land and construction permits, followed by the initial building stages of this purpose-built facility.