Walk a While

Walk a While

Hope Global are so excited to be partnering with Walk A While for the 2020 HopeUC Online Global Gathering.

One of the key objectives of Walk a While is to equip indigenous youth in remote communities with the necessary tools and skills to improve their opportunities for future employment. The concept is to walk alongside indigenous people, using the creative arts as common ground.

Kathy and Andy have been friends of Hope Global for many years, having served in Rwanda with Hope Global during the 100 Days of Hope.

Their Story

Kathy and Andy have been living and working in a small remote Indigenous community that is situated three hours West of Alice Springs.

It hasn’t always been an easy season and we have faced many difficulties, not the least of which is the harsh environment both physically and spiritually. Linguistically there were also challenges for us, as the local people here continue to work hard in order to preserve their local language.

Despite the intensity of remote community living, the reason we decided to return after just six months of being away interstate with fires and “the virus” was the recognition that something had happened in our hearts. In helping others to find their voice, we had found family.

Their Mission

The Lurritja (meaning ’shy’) people of Central Australia are gifted artists, musicians and they are great at sport, (especially AFL and basketball). There is a huge gap that needs to be closed in this nation but for us the greatest issue is that these beautiful people have not been heard.

We would like to believe our work is to bring dignity to our First Nations people, to honour and respect culture by giving voice to their songs and stories through capturing the sound of their ‘heart and country’.

It is our passion to try to empower families who have virtually no voice or representation beyond their own small communities.

Music brings great joy in the harsh desert environment where people are constantly dealing with grief and loss. Sometimes music is all there is to bring a much needed change in the atmosphere. There is no greater satisfaction than driving in a car with a bunch of kids and listening to them sing along, word for word, in their own language with such pride to a song that has just been recorded by a loved artist from their OWN community. That’s the love bomb right there!

Our mission statement has always been (in the Indigenous iteration!)

Many culture, one song’.

We will to continue to try and bring hope to people through listening to their stories, living with and capturing them and enabling unheard and important voices to be listened to.

How can you help?

They need your support for the ongoing program of work. Work that will equip a generation to see sustainable change in the economic circumstances of the people.

We would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with them by making a donation.

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